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EMV Technology

Beginning in October 2015, RTP Federal Credit Union will begin issuing EMV chip cards. Newly issued Visa Debit Card and Credit Cards will contain this new technology and we will begin phasing into replacement of all Visa Cards. This change in card technology is part of RTP FCU's continued efforts to provide the most secure and up-to-date technology for our members, helping to keep your money safe.

What is EMV Technology?

Chip card technology, also known as EMV (Europay, MasterCard®, Visa®) is a more secure form of payment. This technology significantly reduces fraud from counterfeit and stolen cards, thus creating a safer form of payment.

What else should I know about EMV Technology?

For more information and what to expect from your new Visa Debit or Credit Card with EMV technology, click here for our EMV FAQ page.

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