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Mobile Banking

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Banking

Q: What is Mobile Banking?
A: Mobile Banking is a tool that allows you to perform banking transactions from your mobile phone or tablet.
Q: What can I do with Mobile Banking?
A: With Mobile Banking you can check your account balance and transaction histories, transfer funds between RTP FCU accounts, pay bills and search for recent and scheduled payments, and locate a nearby RTP FCU branch and ATMs. You must be signed up for Home Banking in order to use Mobile Banking. For more information on how to sign up for Home Banking click here.
Q: I can access my RTP FCU account from my computer via Home Banking, so why do I need to use the Mobile Banking Service?
A: Just like our Home Banking service, RTP Federal Credit Union’s Mobile Banking is offered as an added benefit and value to our members. With Mobile Banking, members have the added convenience of knowing that they can safely access their credit union account at any time from just about anywhere from their wireless mobile device.
Q: Is there a charge to use Mobile Banking?
A: No, RTP FCU’s Mobile Banking is FREE and it is available to all credit union members. However, depending on your service data plan, you may incur web charges or text messaging fees. Check with your mobile service carrier to get more information.
Q: How do I sign up for Mobile Banking?
A: Simply download the RTP Federal Credit Union Mobile App to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet and you may begin using Mobile Banking immediately.
Q: How do I download the RTP Federal Credit Union Mobile Banking App?
A: You may download our app two different ways:
1.     Download our app directly to your computer by visiting the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store, searching for our app and installing it to your computer. After the app has been installed to your computer you can add it to your mobile device.
2.     Download our app directly to your Apple or Android devices.
  • From your phone or tablet, access the App Store icon for iPhones and iPads or the Google Play Store icon for Android devices.
  • Go to the “search” feature and type in RTP Federal Credit Union.
  • The App will appear for download.
  • Click on the “install” button.
  • You will be asked to enter your Apple ID or Google account password – enter id and/or password.
  • App will download and automatically be placed on your phone.
  • Click the RTP FCU logo icon for use.
Q: Will I need a Home Banking login to use Mobile Banking?
A: You will be able to access some features of Mobile Banking without a Home Banking login, such as the Locations feature and access to our website and contact information, however to access the full range of features available to you through Mobile Banking you will need to enter your Home Banking Username and Password. If you have questions about this information or need to sign up for Home Banking, please call our Member Call Center at (919) 941-5700.
Q: Is Mobile Banking a secure method to use when reviewing credit union account information and performing other account functionalities?
A: Protecting the privacy of our members’ account information is always a top priority at RTP FCU. Our Mobile Banking service requires account login and authentication to ensure that unauthorized devices are not connected and to safeguard our members’ accounts from fraudulent activities.
Q: Are my mobile transactions secure?
A: Yes, RTP FCU ensures the protection of our members’ accounts. Our Mobile Banking service requires account login and authentication to ensure that unauthorized devices are not connected and to safeguard our members’ accounts from fraudulent activities.
Q: Will my account information reside on my phone or tablet?
A: No, RTP FCU Mobile Banking Service only allows you to access your account through a safe and secure wireless transmission; your credit union account information is not stored on your mobile phone or tablet.
Q: What if my device is lost or stolen?
A: Our Mobile Banking app automatically logs out of your account when you close out of the app. If you have selected “Save my Username” this information will be stored to your device, but your password will not.
Q: Are transfers immediate?
A: Yes, much like Home Banking, transfer transactions made through RTP FCU’s Mobile Banking service are processed immediately.
Q: Will I be able to transfer funds from my account at the credit union to my account at another financial institution using Mobile Banking?
A: Not at this time; however, with RTP FCU’s Mobile Banking Service, members can transfer funds between any of one of their credit union deposit accounts.
Q: How do I find an ATM or RTP FCU branch in Mobile Banking?
A: To locate any one of our branches or surcharge free ATMs using the Mobile Banking Locator, enable your locator feature on your phone to allow the app to find the closest branch or ATM near you, or simply type in your zip code.
Q: Can I use Mobile Banking to send an email message to the credit union?
A: Yes, the More tab in our Mobile Banking App allows you to send an email to us. However, you must have your phone set up for email prior to using this feature.
Q: Is there a way to communicate via text messaging with a representative at the credit union using Mobile Banking?
A: No, credit union representatives can not be contacted via text messaging. However, for questions or concerns regarding RTP FCU Mobile Banking services, you may contact the credit union by calling (919) 941-5700.
Q: I have closed my accounts with the credit union, should I remove the Mobile Banking application from my phone?
A: If your credit union account has been closed, you can remove the Mobile Banking application from your phone; however, please know that the Application will not work for you or anyone else as it was specifically created to allow log in access to your RTP FCU account.
Q: Who do I contact for questions and customer support?
A: For questions regarding RTP Federal Credit Union’s Mobile Banking Service, please contact us at (919) 941-5700.
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