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Home Banking

eStatements - Fast, Easy and Free

How would you like to reduce the clutter in your mailbox, avoid mail theft and save yourself some cash? Now you can save time and conveniently access your financial statements online, whenever you want, instantly. With online eStatements from RTP Federal Credit Union, it's just like receiving your monthly paper statements in the mail only better!

And there is no guessing — we send you an email when your current statement is available. So what are you waiting for? Start taking advantage of this free service today!

To Enroll in eStatements

eStatements are available to all members enrolled in Home Banking.

  • If you already have a Home Banking account, login to Home Banking, click on eStatements, enroll and get Bill Pay absolutely FREE.
  • If you do not have a Home Banking account, click here for more information about the service.

eStatements are just like a paper statement — only better. The benefits of eStatements far out weight the benefits of paper statements.

Free eStatements are a free service of the credit union. Plus, with eStatements you have the added benefit of free Bill Pay and Presentment.
Green Get rid of that extra piece of mail each month and save a tree or two. eStatements are environmentally friendly.
Easy Access your eStatements directly through your home banking account.
Fast No waiting for mail to arrive. Your eStatement will be available days earlier than a paper statement.
Access eStatements give you access to over 24 months of your statements.
Safe Paper statements are only as secure as the post office and your mailbox. eStatements are proven to help reduce identity theft.
Savings Remember, you are an owner of the credit union. Paper statements are very costly — printing and postage really add up. eStatements allow the credit union to return more money to members in the form of more services, better rates and lower fees.

In light of rising expenses and in an effort to conserve the amount of paper we use, RTP Federal Credit Union will start charging members a $2.50 paper statement processing fee effective May 31, 2012.* As an alternative to receiving paper statements in the mail, we encourage you to sign up for free eStatements through our home banking platform.

If you are currently not signed up to receive eStatements, contact us at (919) 941-5700.

*Does not apply to youth accounts.

eStatement FAQ

Q: What are eStatements?

A: eStatements are an online version of your paper statement. You can view your eStatement online through your home banking account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: When is my eStatement available for viewing?

A: Your monthly eStatement will be available within the first couple days of each month.

Q: Is there a charge for eStatements?

A: eStatements are free to members.

Q: Is it safe to receive eStatements?

A: Yes! Viewing eStatements through your secure home banking account provides security that receiving a paper statement in an unsecure mailbox does not.

Q: I am not signed up for eStatements. How do I sign up?

A: Contact the credit union at (919) 941-5700. Signing up is a simple process.

Q: Do I have to be enrolled in Home Banking to receive eStatements?

A: Yes. If you are currently not enrolled in our Home Banking service, contact the credit union for information on how to enroll.

Q: I don't want to receive an electronic statement. Do I have to?

A: No, it is not mandatory. However, there is a monthly charge of $2.50 to members who wish to receive a paper statement.*

*Effective May 31, 2012

Q: I am a senior citizen and don't have a computer. Will I still be charged?

A: We have a special exception for members who fit this criteria. Please contact the credit union to see if your situation applies.

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