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Other Services

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit from RTP Federal Credit Union:

  • Fast and convenient way to deposit payroll, social security, government or retirement checks.
  • Eliminates standing in line, lost or stolen checks, and extra trips.
  • Portions of your deposit can be easily allocated to credit union savings accounts and loan payments.

To sign up for Direct Deposit, you need:

  • Our Routing Number: 253177117
  • Our Mailing Address:

    RTP Federal Credit Union
    P.O. Box 12807
    RTP, NC 27709

Please send direct deposit to your RTP Federal Credit Union account number. If you would like for the funds to be broken up into different sub-accounts automatically each month, please call our Member Service Call Center at (919) 941-5700 or visit your local branch, and we will be happy to assist you.

NCUA Equal Housing Lender
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