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EMV Technology FAQ

Q: What is EMV Technology?
A: Chip card technology, also known as EMV (Europay, MasterCard®, Visa®) is a more secure form of payment. This technology significantly reduces fraud from counterfeit and stolen cards, thus creating a safer form of payment.
Q: Why are chip cards more secure?
A: The small square chip on the front of the chip card is at the heart of the card's fraud prevention.  The chip creates a unique transaction code, or token, each time the card is used at a payment terminal. Instead of obtaining the actual card number during the transaction, retailers will receive a temporary token. The information within this token will not remain on the card or in the retailer's database, so hackers who break into a network will only find useless numbers. On top of that, chip cards are very difficult to duplicate, decreasing counterfeit cards.
Q: How do I make a purchase with my chip card(s)?
A: If the merchant is chip card capable, you will insert or "dip" the chip side of the card into the card reader. The card will remain in the reader and when the transaction is complete, you will retrieve it. If a merchant is not yet chip card capable, your transaction will be processed with a swipe using the magnetic strip on back, just like usual.
Q: What will happen if I swipe my card(s) at a payment terminal that has a chip card reader? 
A: The transaction will be declined and the payment terminal or merchant will alert you to insert or dip the card into the chip card slot. Conversely, if you insert the card into a chip card reader that is not active, it will alert you to swipe the card.
Q: Where can I use my new chip card?
A: You can use your new chip card wherever Visa cards are accepted. Your chip card will also make traveling easier and more convenient with its wide acceptance. Your card continues to have the traditional magnetic stripe on the back, enabling you to use it at merchants without chip-enabled terminals.
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