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Bill Pay and Presentment

Paying Your Bills Online Just Got Even Easier

Does paying bills stress you out? Free yourself from the hassles of writing checks, searching for stamps, and rushing to meet postmark deadlines. With RTP Federal Credit Union's Bill Pay & Presentment service, simply specify whom to pay, how much, and when. You're in complete control.

Bill Pay & Presentment offers you not only the ability to pay all of your bills from one simple-to-use site, but also provides you with the convenience of receiving, viewing, and managing your bills at the same online location.

  • Receive your bills electronically — if the payee is set-up to deliver e-bills — so you won't have to worry about bills being lost in the mail.
  • Set-up email alerts for bill arrivals, due dates, and upcoming payments so you'll always stay on top of your monthly obligations.
  • Schedule automatic recurring payment rules for each payee so you can spend less time paying bills and more time enjoying life.
  • Run payment reports and create custom reports so you can track your monthly spending habits.
  • Request a year-end CD of bills and payments so you'll always have your most important financial data at your fingertips.
  • And much more!

Enhanced Security Features:

  • All payee addresses entered when adding a new payee will be validated with the United States Postal Service in real-time.
  • Bill Pay and Presentment offers an "on file" list of payees. If your payee is in the list you can simply click on their name and not have to enter their address manually.
  • Additional information will appear under each payee for a more detailed explanation of the payee.
  • To reduce the risk of fraud, or the loss associated with fraud, Bill Pay and Presentment will be enhanced to notify the user by email when a payee has been added or updated.

It's simple, secure, and it's FREE for members enrolled in eStatements!* That's right, there's no monthly service fee. Pay as many bills as you'd like each month at no charge.

We hope you enjoy using our new Bill Pay and Presentment product and all the features it has to offer. Current Bill Pay users can access these new features now by clicking on "Bill Payment" from inside Home Banking. If you have questions, or want more information about Bill Pay and Presentment, please don't hesitate to contact us at (919) 941-5700.

If you're not yet enrolled in our Bill Payment service, what are you waiting for? Log into your Home Banking account, and get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions - Bill Pay & Presentment

Q: How does Bill Pay & Presentment work?

A: Payments are sent to your designated payees on the day you select (Process Date). Payments are sent either electronically or by paper check, depending upon the payee's ability to accept electronic payments. Electronic payments take up to three business days to reach your payee while paper checks may take up to five business days.

Payments will be electronically deducted from your RTP Federal Credit Union Checking Account on or after the Process Date, never before. For your convenience, you have the option of setting up payments as one-time only or recurring.

Q: What does Bill Pay & Presentment cost?

A: There is no monthly service fee for members who are enrolled in eStatements. Make as many payments as you'd like from your consumer checking account each month at no charge. Bill Payment is $4.95/month for members not enrolled in eStatements.

Q: From which account will my payments be deducted?

A: You must have a RTP Federal Credit Union Checking Account to use the Bill Pay & Presentment service. All payments will be deducted from this account.

Q: How do I register for Bill Pay & Presentment?

A: Registration is easy! The first time you attempt to access the bill payment section of Home Banking, you will be prompted to begin online registration. You are first requested to read and accept the authorization disclosure. Failure to accept the disclosure terms prevents the registration process from proceeding.

Next, complete the online registration form and submit it with a click. In most cases your application will be processed immediately and you can begin using Bill Pay & Presentment right away. If you receive a message such as "application pending," please contact us so we may assist you.

Q: Is it possible to schedule recurring payments?

A: Yes. You can schedule recurring payments at a variety of frequencies, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, and more.

Q: When is Bill Pay & Presentment available?

A: It's typically available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system may be taken down from time-to-time for scheduled maintenance.

Q: Are my Bill Pay & Presentment transactions reflected in my account history?

A: Yes. All Bill Payment transactions become part of your checking account transaction history and show up on your monthly account statement and Home Banking account histories.

Q: Can Bill Pay & Presentment be used when I am out of the country?

A: Yes. All you need is access to the Internet with a secure browser and you can pay your bills while out of the country. Payees must be located within the 50 United States and territories.

Q: Who can be paid using the Bill Pay & Presentment system?

A: Anyone in the 50 United States and territories who can accept a check can be paid. You can pay practically anyone - charge accounts, utilities, auto loans, insurance providers, even a lawn service or a relative. However, tax payments (such as federal, state, and local) and court directed payments (such as alimony and child support) cannot be processed through this system.

Q: If I schedule multiple bill payments for a single day, how will my account be debited, as a lump sum or separately?

A: Each bill payment is debited separately.

Q: How is my account debited?

A: Your account is debited via ACH.

Q: What is ACH?

A: Automated Clearing House is a funds transfer system which provides for the inter-bank clearing of electronic entries for participating financial institutions.

Q: How do I place a stop payment on a Bill Payment?

A: A payment may be edited or deleted anytime before the Process Date. Payments that have been remitted electronically cannot be stopped.

Q: Is there a daily dollar limit allowed when paying bills?

A: Yes. There is a limit of $9,999.00 per day when using Bill Pay and Presentment. This limit is enforced by our Bill Pay and Presentment provider.

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