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Home Banking

Security Upgrade to Your Home Banking Account

Government regulations require the use of safer and stronger user IDs and passwords to make online banking as secure as possible.

What does this mean?
You will see the following screen the first time you log in to your home banking account. Once you click on “Let’s get started,” you’ll be guided through three easy steps to enhance your online security.
The steps will take about five minutes or less to complete and you will need to have a phone (mobile or landline) handy.

Actions Needed

1. Create a strong login. The enhanced security may require that you update your user ID and/or password but only if your current user ID and/pr password to now meet new standards. Check out the new standard instructions for changing your current user ID and/or password below:

  • User ID – go to User Options and click “Change User ID.” Create a new ID that is at least six characters and has either all letters or letters and numbers.
  • Password – Go to User Options and click “Change Password.” Your new password must be at least six characters and it must include letters as well as numbers and/or symbols.

2. Get an access code. At the time of the upgrade you will be prompted to receive a one-time passcode. This is an access code to register your device and is different from the password you use to access your account.

  • You can receive the access code via text or phone.
  • We’ll use this phone number to immediately send you an access code via text or automated voice message.
Please note: you can ask the system to remember your computer or mobile device so you do not need to repeat this step every time you log in. However, you will need a new access code for each computer/mobile device not recognized by the system.


Why have the security standards changed?

We care about keeping your money safe while providing you with easy access to your accounts. With the continued growth of online banking, there are increased needs for greater security standards to keep you and your money well protected. In addition, the government issued new guidelines, calling for enhanced security measures for online banking. Thus, we are upgrading our security procedures to provide you with the best protection available. Our new security standards will make it even safer for you to monitor and manage your money while safeguarding against unauthorized access to your accounts.

How do I update my user ID and password?

To update your use ID and password, go to the User Options page and click on the link for “Change User ID” and “Change Password” respectively. Then, create a new ID and password that meet the following requirements:
  • User ID criteria:
  1. Must be between six and 20 characters long
  2. Must contain one letter
  3. Can contain number and/or the following special characters: @$*_=!~
  4. Must NOT contain any spaces
  • Password criteria:
  1. Must be between six and 32 characters
  2. Must contain a combination of: letters and numbers or letters and any special characters or numbers and any special characters
  3. Must NOT contain any spaces
  4. Cannot be a substring of the User ID

If you have questions, please contact us at (919) 941-5700 or rtp@rtpfcu.org

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